Baby Pickles

These carefully selected calming rooms are ideal for our tiny tots.

The Baby Suite
Learning experiences planned by our qualified team support our youngest little ones aged from birth to 14/16 months, following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Our dedicated baby room team will nurture and care for your precious bundles within a comfortable, safe, secure and welcoming environment which has direct access to a safe and secure outside play area.

The Layout
Our baby room is equipped with plenty of stimulating toys and natural resources for our babies to encourage them to move, explore and develop their learning in all areas. We have a separate tranquil sleep room where our babies and toddlers can sleep peacefully when needed and lots of garden space and beautiful walks and parks close-by for gaining fresh air and burning some energy!

Your baby's food
Milk feeds are prepared daily and home cooked fresh food is cooked daily by our chef in the main kitchen. At the end of the day each baby is given their own daily report sheet which tells our parents what their baby has eaten, their sleep duration, changing times and their daily activities.

We are open:
Monday to Friday: 7.45 am to 6.00 pm, closing only on National Bank Holidays and one week over the Christmas holidays.

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